With the aim to unite naturalness, vitality and permeability with the popular fashion trends, the LUXESS GmbH hast the task to implement the casual lifestyle in fragrance compositions expertly. Repeatedly interpreting and visualizing the typical TOM TAILOR quality and the well-known image anew, are the strengths of LUXESS GmbH.

Thanks to an innovative and close cooperation with TOM TAILOR numerous successful fragrances for men and women have already been incurred.

Feminine. Independent. Free. Above all others, the new Eau de Parfum TOM TAILOR time to live! exudes one thing: the courage to be yourself. To be your own icon. To use the time to revive. To blossom. To be self-confident. It envelops women in a floral-fruity fragrance of resolve. Yet without losing any of its lightness. Here subtlety encounters strength. Dreams meet ambition. With TOM TAILOR time to live! nothing seems impossible. Here and now – because it’s time to live!

Top notes: blackcurrant, lemon, mandarin, red fruits
Heart notes: peach, navy, lily of the valley, jasmine
Base notes: sandalwood, vanilla, musk, orcanox

There is an adventurer in every man. The longing to go out and conquer the world. The deep desire for infinite freedom. For life. For nature. The aromatic, woody creation TOM TAILOR ADVENTUROUS encourages the inner explorer to push his boundaries. To reinvent himself. To be free and real at all times. TOM TAILOR ADVENTUROUS stands for the man who surpasses himself and lives his full potential.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, mandarin
Heart notes: laurel, lavandin
Base notes: patchouli, cedar wood, vanilla, musk

Escaping from daily life. Free to be who you are. Truly you. True to yourself. Encouraged by the new fragrances TOM TAILOR TRUE VALUES FOR HER & FOR HIM to follow your true, unique values.

Top notes: orange leaves
Heart notes: peony, lily, magnolia, water lily, orange blossom, nectarine
Base notes: sandalwood, musk, ambergris

Top notes: lemon, bergamot, leafy green
Heart notes: eucalyptus, tarragon, geranium, lavender
Base notes: musk, patchouli, cedar, sandalwood, tonka, moss

The smell of summer … TOM TAILOR Beach Time for her captures the energy and lightheartedness of the sunny season. Floral, fruity and citric scents are reminiscent of glowing sunsets, joie de vivre and summer-scented good vibes. The refreshing, energetic scent with a vegan formula is available from March 2021.

Top note: Lime, yuzu, bergamot, passion fruit
Heart note: peony, rose
Base note: softwood, vanilla, musk

Inhale deeply. Close your eyes. The constant murmur of the waves and the smell of salt in the air. The new TOM TAILOR BY THE SEA FOR MAN & WOMAN fragrances are inspired by the sensual experience of a day by the sea. By the power, vitality and originality of water. The women’s fragrance combines floral, citrus and fruity notes. The men’s fragrance is a dynamic composition of fresh and aquatic nuances. Every spray of BY THE SEA exudes a feeling of weightlessness and freedom – like a day by the sea.

For her:
Top Note: lemon, green apple, ozonic, bigarane
Heart note: jasmine, solar, rose, marinal
Base note: cedar wood, vanilla, verbenolid

For him:
Top Note: salt, accord, peppermint
Heart note: violet, geranium, gaiac wood
Base note: ambery, sandalwood, tonka bean, musk

Every one of us sometimes longs for a little time-out in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
Concentrate on the essentials and just take a break: With TOM TAILOR PURE, we can settle back, linger for a moment and let our thoughts wander. The new fragrance series consciously savors the moment to the full, helping us maintain our inner balance. Neither too much, nor too little – simply perfect. Here, the focus is on returning to the heart of things. With its vivacious scent, the new, light TOM TAILOR PURE fragrance stands for precious moments of happiness, calmness and a conscious lifestyle – authentic, genuine and simply pure.

For her:
Top note: bergamot, rose, orange blossom
Heart note: jasmine, musk, amber
Base note: vetiver, vanilla, patchouli

For him:
Top note: bergamot, tangerine, juniper
Heart note: cedar wood, lavender, cinnamon, pine
Base note: musk, moss, vanilla, sandalwood, vetiver

Sporty chic and casual comfort, two styles with one message – impulsive and dynamic, just “be ready to move”. TOM TAILOR has dedicated its two new fragrances MAN & WOMAN to this mantra of fashion and lifestyle. Two lively and refreshing fragrances, sporty and energetic in orange and blue, in trendy stripe colors.

For her:
Top notes: watermelon, pear, white peach
Middle notes: rose, peony
Base notes: oakmoss, cedarwood, musk

For him:
Top notes: lemon, grapefruit, mint
Heart notes: salt, sage, pine
Base notes: cedar, vetiver, musk

Sun-drenched hours under a bright sky, ripe fruit, full blossoms, crystal-clear water and sand as fine as powdered sugar – TOM TAILOR captured this unique feeling of carefree summer in its new limited-edition fragrance: SUMMER for her is the radiant interpretation of a relaxed summer day, brimming with vitality, optimism and positive energy. Fresh, floral and woody notes invite you to preserve that feeling!

Top notes: frozen lemon, bergamot, marigold
Middle notes: orange blossom, magnolia
Base notes: cedarwood, musk, amber wood

The TOM TAILOR brand stands for always saying ‘yes’. Yes to life and to yourself. The new fragrance embodies this attitude and radiates sporty elegance for all adventures, which life brings. The sparkling, powerful scents make her and him radiate with confidence, not only complementing every fashionable look, but bringing out the individual personality. The fragrance for all ladies and gentlemen who want more from life!

For her:
Top notes: peach, ginger, bergamot
Mid notes: rose, freesia, mirabelle
Base notes: plum, cedar, musk

For him:
Top notes: bergamot, tangerine, raspberry
Mid notes: peony, lavender, geranium
Base note: sandalwood, patchouli, leather

“SAY YES” – to pause and consciously experience everyday life. <br
“SAY YES” – and find out what you enjoy. <br>
“SAY YES” – to the little moments that make you happy, because “enjoying the moment means enjoying life.” <br><br>

The new fragrance duo BE MINDFUL combines pure joie de vivre, positive energy, optimism in a natural, fresh and cheerful way and stands for those who long for balance in life.

For her:
Top notes: orange, mandarin
Heart notes: lily of the valley, peach
Base notes: musk, vanilla

For him:
Top notes: ginger, pepper, lemon, grapefruit
Heart note: maninka fruit, lavender blossom, cedar
Base note: leather, amber, vetiver


The new perfume duo naturally embodies the intimate relationship between him and her. Made of components reflecting elegance, sensuality and modernity, the new fragrance EXCLUSIVE is developed to companion the unique moments in life and to make these unforgettable.

Head note: bergamot, grapefruit
Heart note: apple, lavender, saffron
Fond: ambery, leather, musk

Head note: mandarin, pear, blackberry
Heart note: cyclamen, lily of the valley
Fond: musk, sandalwood, almond

Urban Life

Inspired by the spirit of fashion capitals around the world, the new perfume line by TOM TAILOR, Urban Life, is a must-have for the urban player. Its sporty freshness and natural vibe celebrate the urban lifestyle characterized by confidence, authenticity, and variety.

top note: tangerine, blackcurrant
heart note: orange blossom, peach
dry down: cedarwood, caramel

top note: bergamot, lemon
heart note: laurel, lavender
dry down: patchouli, cedar, musk

College Sport

TOM TAILOR celebrates the return of the American “college feeling” with a fragrance range, which represents a sporty, easy-going and modern lifestyle. Inspired by the legendary pizazz of American college sports, a fragrance has emerged, which subtly combines sporty freshness with a touch of preppy chic.

top note: bergamot
heart note: orange
dry down: vanilla

top note: citrone, red pepper
heart note: crocus
dry down: tabacco, patchouli, musk

East Coast Club

The new fragrance line „EAST COAST CLUB“ from TOM TAILOR captures the moods of the unrivaled lifestyle of the American East Coast. The fragrance line for him and her combines freshness and sensuality. Inspiring and delicate like the pulsing cities at the East Coast on warm summer days.

top note: citrus
heart note: lily of the valley, peach, rose
dry down: cedarwood, vanilla

top note: lemon from sicily
heart note: lavender, suede accords
dry down: tonka bean, fair woods


Authentic, casual and life affirming, that’s TOM TAILOR – the pure joy of life. The fragrance line TOM TAILOR LIQUID embodies this spirit perfectly. The modern and informal lifestyle of TOM TAILOR is made for men and women, who are authentic and in their prime of life.

top note: tangerine, pepper
heart note: orange, rose
dry down: amber, sandalwood

top note: tangerine, black pepper
heart note: elemi, tonka bean
dry down: cedarwood, sandalwood


The TOM TAILOR GROUP is one of the leading fashion and lifestyle companies in Europe. The TOM TAILOR umbrella brand comprises the lines TT Denim & TT Denim male as well as the smart-casual line Mine to Five and the plus size line MY TRUE ME.

As an international and vertically aligned fashion company TOM TAILOR concentrates on fashionable casual wear. Diverse accessories, home-textiles and products expand the extensive range. Every line focuses on a core target and orientates on the individual needs of the target customer. The top priority: Customers should feel comfortable and get high-quality fashion for an attractive price-performance ratio.

The target customers for the brand TOM TAILOR are women and men within the age group of 25-45 years. The collection includes comfortable, versatile looks and styles with fashionable, confident and authentic attitude.

The lifestyle-line TOM TAILOR Denim focuses on women and men that are between 25 and 35 years. The key element of Tom Tailor Denim is found in all collections and includes sporty, maritime and utility influences. This is how the label connects brave and provocative trends with the Hanseatic style of their hometown Hamburg.

The fashion line MY TRUE ME targets on women within the plus-size range and offers relaxed casual styles, in which women can be themselves and confident throughout their day. MY TRUE ME focuses on modern styles, independent from size, which stresses their shining personality.

The new line Mine to Five is an elegant combination of casual wear and business look. All styles are a fitting companion in the daily business of the modern woman – whether it is 9to5 or 5to9.

The TOM TAILOR Group was founded in 1962 in Hamburg and the key-market for the brand is traditionally still in Germany. After an immense growth nationally and internationally in the last few years, TOM TAILOR adapted their strategies, structures and processes with the focus on profitability. The main concentration for the TOM TAILOR Group was put on core sales markets like Germany and Austria, but also Switzerland, South-East Europe and Russia. Currently the TOM TAILOR Group includes 6.100 employees, 1.200 stores and more than 11.000 other Points of Sales and generates about one third of the company turnover in foreign countries. Altogether the TOM TAILOR Group is being represented in over 30 countries.

From the 30. December 2019 on, the TOM TAILOR Group is noted in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange as well as in the regulated market of the Hamburg Stock Exchange

More information on the company and its brands can be found under

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